Eifel’s automotive experience runs deep as manufacturers of plastic injection molds for steering wheels, steering wheel bezels, airbag covers and other interior and exterior trim parts.

For 50 years, automotive OEMs and Tier 1s have experienced the competitive advantage Eifel brings to the relationship.

Automotive suppliers looking for a mold-making partnership and design for manufacturability expertise should reach out for a discovery call. Being physically located in Fraser, Michigan makes Eifel a prime source for automotive projects.


Eifel produces prototype and production plastic injection molds for the construction and home goods industry. We recently completed a project for recessed lighting cans used in both home remodeling and new construction projects. In this case, our customer sought out a partner that could support design, engineering, and manufacturing throughout the plastic injection mold build process as well as the ability to provide a minimum viable product during the pre-production process. Ultimately, Eifel was awarded the production mold project.

This is an example of why customers choose Eifel. Our knowledge transcends mold construction by carrying over into part design and part processing. The customer wins by aligning themselves with a turnkey manufacturing partner.

Contact Eifel to learn more about our experience to support construction and home goods plastic part development.

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Recreational vehicle or RV means both motorized and non-motorized vehicles that combine transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation or camping. Many of these vehicles utilize plastic injection molded parts for both aesthetics and functionality.

Eifel recently completed a project for the RV industry where we built plastic injection mold for a toilet seat.

Additionally, we’ve worked on projects for riding lawn mowers and tractors.

RV OEMs and suppliers interested in partnering with a best-of-breed plastic injection mold source should reach out to the Eifel Team to discuss how we might work together.


Many OEMs or product developers utilize plastic to house electronics. Eifel’s engineering team welcomes that opportunity to have manufacturing feasibility discussions to optimize product performance while supplying a mold that’s globally competitive.

Our experience working in a wide range of polymers and flexibility in producing tooling for low or high-volume production enable us to bring a variety of solutions to electronics OEMs.

Reach out to Eifel to learn more about our ability to support plastic part development for electronics applications.

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Over the next 10-15 years, it is estimated the EV adoption rate will surpass 50% in the United States. As societies and users make that transition, so too will supply chains. Eifel’s people, process and technology are vehicle-agnostic and, while EVs employ an entirely different powertrain than internal combustion engines, interior trim and functional parts will remain plastic injection molded because of the flexibility and versatility of this forming technology. EVs also require different parts like battery lids, battery trays or battery boxes to encapsulate the battery, prevent water intrusion and provide battery protection.

Eifel’s Team welcomes new opportunities to review and quote on EV plastic injection molded parts.


SxSs, UTVs, Tractors and Lawn mowers have a number Class A surfaces, some of which that are plastic injection molded.

Eifel has produced plastic injection molds for leading OEMs of utility task vehicles (UTVs) and side-by-sides (SxS) for many years. We’ve long been known for our industry-leading expertise in the development of steering wheels using 2 shot or single-shot plastic injection molds.

For UTV and SxS OEMs seeking a partner in plastic injection molded part development, Eifel’s design-for-manufacturing (DFM) expertise increases speed-to-market and keeps programs on a budget.

Reach out for an introductory conversation and you’ll quickly learn why Eifel is a premier source to SxS OEMs for Class A plastic injection tooling.

Utility Task Vehicle

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