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Our friendly team members give their all to provide outstanding products to consumers.

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Our Process

Product accuracy through a seamless technique is our highest priority.

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Our Technology

Machinists and mold makers use state-of-the-art technology to optimize and perfect techniques.

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why eifel

Eifel’s skilled crew of innovative designers, machinists, and mold makers use ingenuity and years of experience to look at a complex part and create a robust, well-functioning tool. Eifel’s team excels at determining manufacturing feasibility and designing a well thought-out, highly functioning tool without any unnecessary tooling, thus reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We focus on concept to completion, and computer-aided design and manufacturing are an integral part of Eifel’s ongoing success.

In addition to our expertise, our customer service is second to none. We aim to provide a human touch, and a friendly, warm voice will be on the other line to assist you when you call.



People, process, and technology combine to form the nucleus of a powerful business operation. Founded on expert craftsmanship and a commitment to our customers’ requirements, Eifel understands that structure, resources, and proper planning are crucial to the delivery of a successful product. Eifel’s goal is to utilize the latest in technology to meet or exceed quality standards.



As we build high-quality tooling for the automotive and consumer goods industries, we implement a systems approach to produce near-perfect mold surfaces that need little or no treatment after machining. Applying automated technology to maximize system output is a priority. As we strive to rise to new heights in terms of molding and engineering, having the right equipment in place is a requirement that cannot be compromised.

Mold Design and Manufacturing

Eifel provides mold and engineering services to the automotive and consumer goods industries.
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