Our People

Eifel’s Triangle of Service: Our People

Our customers are our No. 1 priority, and this is the foundation of our service standards. Eifel team members give their all in order to provide sound products to our clients in a timely fashion.

  • Shop personnel must have complete confidence in their collective ability to produce near-perfect mold surfaces. No one on the production team can harbor doubts, feel it is too risky, or be uncertain about results.
  • Machine operators and programmers must trust each other based on communication and mutual respect for one another’s skill, experience, and expertise.
  • Each team member must take responsibility for maximizing output of production resources, including fullest use of unattended machining operations.
  • There has to be universal understanding that advanced techniques such as zero stock machining represent the best job security because they are essential to globally competitive pricing and delivery. Everyone in the shop is a stakeholder.

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